Organic Cucumber in Brine




Cucumbers in brine are one of the most popular vegetable snack in Poland. It is hard to imagine traditional polish dish without it. This product is perfect for sandwiches, soups, salads and dips. Our cucumbers are healthy because of the vegetable fermentation, which provides probiotics and remove toxic substances from our body. This product is well-known for its great taste, cucumbers are very fresh and crunchy.

Important: As this product is manufactured in traditional method a cloudiness in brine may occur. This is normal and the products are fit for consumption.

Country of Origin: Poland

Ingredients: Organic cucumbers (55%), water, salt, organic dill, organic garlic, organic horseradish

820g net/460g net drained

*Photos for illustration only and may contain a range of products for reference. Please refer to the product description for details on the exact product and ingredients.


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